Did you know


did you know

·       Vincent O. Wheatley is the fifth and last child born to Wilbert and Esme Wheatley.

·       Vincent spent the first year of his life with his grandmother Cornelia Harrigan in the Gun Creek area.p

·       Both his parents worked at Little Dix Bay from its earliest days. His mother worked in Housekeeping while his father worked as a Houseman until they both retired.

·       His sister was one of the first girls from the North Sound village to attend secondary school on Tortola.

·       He was a popular member of the school band, playing the saxophone. He was a lover of books and spent most Saturdays at the Public library in Road Town or attending Saturday classes in preparation for overseas exams with Mr. Ramphal.

·       He played basketball with the Mystics Suns, but sports was never a strong point of his.